Beyond Belief:Fact or Fiction Tv Series

We live in a world where the real and the unreal lives side by side. Where substance is disguised as illusion and the only explanations are unexplainable. Can you separate truth from fantasy? Tonight, your challenge is to separate what is true from what is false. Five stories. Some real, some fake. Can you judge which are fact, and which are fiction? To find out, you must enter into a world full of truth and deception, a world that goes: beyond belief.

Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction is a U.S. television anthology series aired by the Fox network from 1997 to 2002. It was created by Lynn Lehmann. Each episode features five stories some of which are based on urban legends and some of which are based on alleged true events.

At the end of the five stories, the viewer is challenged with the task of guessing which stories are Fact and which stories are Fiction. The factual stories are adapted from original material written and researched by Robert Tralins.

The series is hosted by James Brolin for the first season, Jonathan Frakes taking over for the remaining seasons.

The stories told in the tv series are usually on the following topics:-

The supernatural
Psychic Phenomena

Some stories from the first season:

The Apparition: Is it possible for the spirit of a murdered woman to help a potential victim of the man who murdered her as he is in the process of claiming another victim?

The Prophecy: Can the power of a Ouija board drag somebody from the real world into a world inhabited by malevolent spirits?

E-Mail: Is it possible for the deceased to contact the real world through an old e-mail account?

Cup of Joe: Can forces beyond our comprehension make us see what isn't there to prevent a tragedy from happening?

Number One with a Bullet: Can a bullet fired from a gun kill its intended victim years after it was fired?

The Candlestick: Can a "dumb animal" be a potential witness to a murder?

The Tractor: Can a paralysed man regain control of his legs to help a loved one in dire need?

Each episode of the series starts with a pun or puzzle which demonstrates to the viewer that not all we perceive is as straightforward as we assume it to be:-